High School Scholarships


Our branch Scholarship Committee began in 2013 as the three-person Scholarship Team.  Pictured below are Mary Jensen, (Jane McCullough, member of the original Chico Community Scholarship Association), Jo Ann Palmer and Ruth Berger.  The four women shared a commitment to support outstanding young women with contributions to their higher education expenses.

The Scholarship Team grew and is now called the High School Scholarship Committee.  Many fundraising activities have taken place in the past ten years: a visit to the Abbey of New Clairvaux, art walks, picnics and Pop-Ups, quickly organized events, such as lunch at Scotty’s Landing.  Two gatherings were held at local artists’ studios where participants worked in watercolor and ceramics. In addition, the committee hosted several large events: a silent auction, a Chinese New Year celebration and high teas at Chico restaurants.

Each year our energetic and creative members have been able to award scholarships to at least three deserving graduating seniors.  Recently, the generosity of AAUW Chico and community members has enabled the High School Scholarship Committee to award four scholarships of $2,000-3,000 each year. Several have been “named” awards, memorials or honoraria in the name of past branch members.  Our mission is to help local young people broaden their horizons through post-secondary education and keep the “FUN” in fundraising!  We encourage all inquiries and are always looking for new members. Contact Marilyn Myrick or Linda MacMichael at aauwchico@gmail.com