CHICO AAUW hosts a general meeting each month, September through May, covering areas of varied topics.

Chico AAUW has many varied INTEREST GROUPS to cover a wide range of participation.

Our branch is actively involved in many projects that seek to improve educational opportunity and equality for women and girls. Check out our Service page to read about our local scholarship program, Tech Trek Science Camp, Career Trek at Butte College, the Chico Science Fair, and our commitment to AAUW Funds.


Events 2022

May 2022 – Annual Spring Brunch and Awards Meeting

April 2022

February 2022

Events 2021

October 2021

Link to Power Point Presentation on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

January 2021

Events 2020

December 2020


Jan Britton, along with Linda MacMichael, and Kathy
Sweet, delivered our gifts to Catalyst in support of
two families. All wishes on their lists were fulfilled.
Thanks to everyone who made a contribution. More
information next month.

March 2020

Chico Branch Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary:


Link to Chico Enterprise-Record Congratulations Editorial


January 2020

Events 2019

October 2019

July 2019

Branch members Sue Blizman, Joan Cleveland and Jana Lawton  visited the Tech Trek Camp at U.C. Davis Campus. The campers participated in many classes with  solar cars and bridge building shown. Six of our happy campers are shown.

August 2019


May 2019

Mary and Caroline announce scholarship winners. Kim demonstrates how one can build a girl for Tech Trek funds. New officers for 2019-2020: Kathy Sweet and Jan Brittan, Co Presidents. Adele Arnold Secretary. Marilyn Myrick, Financial Officer. Marissa explains the Girls Outdoor Adventure in Science which was funded by AAUW Funds. AAUW Funds Named Grand Honorees, Mary Jensen and Jan Brittan. Local Branch President’s Award, Helen Gesick and Barbara Paige (not shown). Kim’s beautiful yard for a gathering.

April 2019

February 2019


January  2019

February 2019

March 2019


Events 2018

December 2018

May 2018

Top:  New Officers Elected. (L to R) Marilyn Myrick; Financial Officer, Adele Arnold; Secretary, Kathy Sweet: Co-President; Susan Critchfield, Membership; Katy Azevedo, Co-President

Lower Left: Educational Funds Award Recipients, Carol Holzgrafe (L) and Mary Hall (R). Jana Lawton (C) Received a Special Presidents Award.

Lower Right: Outgoing Officers receive Thank You

Left to Right: Barbara Paige, Secretary; Helen Gesick, Co-President; Toni Reid, Co-President; Denise Worth, Financial Officer


April 2018

Dr. Samia Yaqub speaks about her position as President of Butte College

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

March 2018

Women’s March on Chico